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The worlds seem to separate. The old structures and paradigms are changing and dissolving. But fortunately there is an 'energetic updraft' that opens up new vibrational and living spaces for us.

In our search for a place where people can live together, be creative and have an effect, we ended up in Yucatan in Mexico, in the former kingdom of the Maya, the land of pyramids, cenotes, iguanas, butterflies, the most colorful birds and the world opened hearts. In Izamal, a small, tranquil town an hour from the coast, we have found a garden of life, a refuge for people who are looking for relaxation, silence, healing and answers to their questions. Our Macan Che offers space for a dozen community members, seminar groups and hotel guests.


Macan ché is the perfect base to explore the regions, many archaeological sites, refreshing cenotes and local culture. The tranquility in the cool, lush gardens is also a perfect place for relaxation and contemplation.

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